In 2009, Farrah came into the limelight for getting pregnant at the age of sixteen. At this time, she was cast in the popular reality television series 16 and pregnant which documented early pregnancies of many young women and their lives in first months of giving birth. In the same year, she was again cast in the spin-off series Teen Mom where she appeared consecutively in the four seasons till 2012 when it came to an end. In August 2012, Farrah Abraham released her debut studio album and first biography which were titled "My Teenage Dream Ended" which sold over 500, 000 copies.
The stunning part of Farrah Abraham’s story is that although she started as a young reality television star, she managed to rise to be an entrepreneur, author, sex symbol and a responsible mother. In fact, she has become a great public figure with a growing empire. Can you imagine that this lady evolved from being a high school cheerleader to be an aspiring model and she later became a teenage mom who was documented in the MTV series “16 & Pregnant.” What inspires most people is that Farrah faced single motherhood strongly even though she had lost her baby’s father 2 months before her daughter was born. Farrah Abraham’s story is capable of captivating masses and makes her a favorite for many women and even men from all parts of the world.
Abraham did not lose hope easily and continued with her education after several seasons on MTV. She went on to pursue her higher education and was able to build her brand. It’s very clear that Farrah Abraham’s career is blossoming as she has managed to grace the covers of top magazines such as Style. Besides, she has featured on many networks and commercials such as VH1, ABC, Bravo, E!, MTV, NBC and FOX.
Due to her great personality, she has been influential in advocacy of projects. With her personal account of being a teen mom, she was able to reach fans on an international scale which propelled here release of therapeutic music singles. Owing to her personal appearances, she is a main attraction at nightlife venues which has her to getting many endorsements. The brunette beauty works with lifestyle brands, beverage companies, educational and parenting companies to advertise their products and organizations.
In April 2013, there were speculations that a sex tape in which Farrah was featured was being offered to various pornographic distributors. Although she had previously claimed that the sex tape was leaked, she later admitted that she hired pornographic actor James Deen who sold the material. It was later reported that she sold the tape to Vivid Entertainment which was then released under the title Farrah Superstar. Till date, she believes that the sex tape ruined her life.
In news making headlines recently, Farrah Abraham shared a picture on Facebook of her new boyfriend Simon Saran. Although she had initially been reluctant in welcoming him to the world of teen Mom, She believes that Simon Saran is the best man for her. It’s now clear that Farrah is happy with Saran to an extent that she’s decided to have him join her on Teen Mom. Her twitter followers were shocked at her decision of letting her boyfriend join her on the reality show.

Wednesday November 5, 2014 06:53pm

Farrah Abraham God Gossip

Right after her exclusive performance at the most recent peep show, Farah Abraham clearly stated the ideal features of her future husband. And, surely the girl knows just what she wants.
Suitors be ready, If you are not a cash money millionaire or aren't planning to be one; unlucky you. With regards to her ideal man, Farrah's main concern revolves around money i.e. making money in anyway way she can.
When it comes to her Christian faith and her daughter, Sophia.
She has often been criticized for being a bad example as a mother and a Christian. Her critics complain about her Christian faith as she is also involved in the adult movie industry. But, that does not seem to bother her at all as sees no contradiction in it.
Whether she's the lead actress in a Christian horror movie or a writer of the Christian parenting book and a moonlight stripper, you CAN NEVER shake her faith.
According to Farah, if you know the true definition of faith, have learnt, understood and reflected the examples of God as written in the Holy Bible, you shouldn't be judging her. It's only God who leads her faith and life.

Monday July 21, 2014 05:27pm

Farrah Ups The Ante With Her Naughty Video

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If you have ever heard of the TV show Teen Mom, you might have heard of the infamous Farrah Abraham.  We're not sure what's going on in this ladies head (probably not much), but it seems as though she wants to be famous, at any cost.  After her TV show antics - which were truly ridiculous, the amazingly irresponsbile Abraham decided it would be a good idea to make a sex tape with a famous porn actor: James Deen.  Now, Deen has one hell of a cult following... women across the world seem to worship this dude's fucking ability.  He can rock other pornstars to screaming, squirting, leg-shaking orgasms.  So maybe Farrah thought she'd like her turn with the monster schlong of James Deen.  This is where the famous Farrah Abraham sex tape was born - and Vivid Entertainment immediately bought the rights.  

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